Approaches, Methods, and Modalities

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® represents the bulk of my practice.  It is an evidenced based, scientifically founded, systematic, and whole body approach for helping clients to address root causes of disease and restore their health.  

While FDN helps me to correctly identify and address hidden, physiological stressors, True Cellular Detox® is the core detox method I use to help my clients remove a wide array of health blocking toxins from deep within the body and heal at the cellular level.   

Chronic health challenges not only wear down the body, but they also take a huge toll on the mind and spirit.  

While FDN and True Cellular Detox® serve to address physiological imbalances, I implement the following methods to help my clients navigate the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of healing:

Symptoms Are Common But Not Normal

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition is based on the premise that we are designed to be healthy and feel good – provided we nourish and support our minds and bodies in optimal ways. 

Unfortunately, in today’s society, this is becoming increasingly difficult as stress levels and toxic exposure increase while the quality of our food supply and healthcare system diminishes.   

Symptoms and chronic health complaints are indeed common nowadays but they are not normal.   Symptoms are our body’s alarm system, signaling that there are imbalances that need to be addressed. 

Just as turning off a fire alarm in a building without finding and extinguishing all the fires will lead to an inferno, suppressing symptoms in the body without identifying and addressing the root causes will lead to metabolic chaos® and ultimately dis-ease.

The Perfect Storm

It is never just one factor that causes a person to slip down the rabbit hole of chronic fatigue, pain, and illness.  Conversely, chronic illness is a multi-factorial and multi-systemic condition created by the "Perfect Storm" of stressful life experiences, compromised immunity, and toxic influences of all kinds.  

Furthermore, when dysfunction goes on without resolve, our stress response becomes chronically engaged. A chronically engaged stress response then serves to break the body down even further and fuels the cycle of pain and illness.  It also predisposes us to painful emotional states, anxiety, and depression.  

These states of being make it near impossible for us to be the best versions of ourselves, to live in the moment and in a state of love and appreciation, to enjoy our lives, or for our bodies to remain strong and healthy.                                                                     

State-of-the-Art Functional Lab Testing

Within the FDN model, comprehensive history taking, state of the art functional laboratory testing, and bio-energetic assessments are utilized to seek out the underlying causes of health challenges versus diagnosing/treating disease or suppressing symptoms.   

Functional testing provides a window into imbalances and/or dysfunction that may exist in the areas of hormones, immune function, digestion, detoxification, oxidative stress, and intestinal barrier systems.

Some Functional Labs in more Detail:

  • DUTCH Hormone Profile:  DUTCH stands for Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones.  This lab is helpful in assessing adrenal function, steroid hormone pathways, melatonin, methylation and more.  You can read more about this lab by clicking here.
  • GI-MAP Stool Test:   This is the first FDA-approved DNA/PCR assay for GI pathogens (parasites, bacteria including h-pylori, viruses, and yeast/fungus).  In addition to looking for pathogens, this test panel contains several additional markers which can provide invaluable insight into gut immunity, gut inflammation, pancreatic enzyme activity, and gluten sensitivity.  Read more here.    
  • ParaWellness Research Microscopy Panel (stool and urine):  This lab uses microscopy, staining methods to analyze both urine and stool for parasites and yeast/fungus.
  • SIBO Lactulose Breath Test:  This lab screens for the presence of bacterial overgrowth in the small intestines. Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth is becoming more widely prevalent these days and is often a major player in IBS, bloating and gas, chronic heart burn, diarrhea and/or constipation, vitamin deficiencies, chronic pain/fatigue, and much more.   Read more here.
  • Nagalase Blood Test:  This test is an immunological screening to help determine total viral load by measuring levels of an enzyme known as nagalase.   Nagalase, which is produced by viruses, is known to disarm the immune system by disrupting macrophage activity.  Macrophages are white blood cells responsible for engulfing and digesting pathogens, toxins, and any protein that does not resemble healthy, human tissue.  There is a high correlation between high nagalase levels and chronic fatigue, brain fog, cognitive impairment, and much more.  
  • Microbiology DX Nasal Swab:  A nasal swab to assess for the presence of staph, MARCoNS, and fungal overgrowths in the nasal cavity.  Overgrowths and infections in the nasal cavity are known to contribute to intestinal dysbiosis and keep the immune system activated, resulting in systemic inflammation.  
  • Vital™ Bio-Energetic Assessment:   Bio-energetic testing of hair and saliva is used to help determine interference and imbalances within organ systems, miasms (energetic disturbances in DNA passed on from previous generations that may be expressing themselves), emotional and energetic blockages, vital force of organ systems, and hidden infections and toxicity that may not be detectable with other labs testing.  Food Sensitivities can also be done as an add on.
  • And many more! 

Once imbalances are identified, clients are educated, coached, and supported in the areas of diet/nutrition, rest, exercise, stress reduction, and targeted supplementation.  This process is very empowering as it teaches clients the skills and arms them with tools they can use as part of an opt-in, self-care program.   This approach has great potential to help clients restore normal function and create long-term, sustainable wellness.

Collaboration, Support, and Empowerment

A functional approach to healthcare is a good option if you are frustrated with suppressing symptoms and being told that everything is “normal” despite chronic health issues.  This method strives to help people regain their health and vitality within an empathetic, collaborative, and supportive framework.  

Furthermore, FDN embraces and honors individuality.  Healing protocols are custom tailored for each client’s unique biochemistry, current needs, and life situation.  

Once imbalances are identified, clients are educated, coached, and supported in the areas of diet/nutrition, rest, exercise, stress reduction, and targeted supplementation. 

This process is very empowering as it teaches clients the skills and arms them with tools they can use as part of an opt-in, self-care program.  It is geared for clients who are wanting to take charge of their own health and wellbeing.  This approach has great potential to help clients restore normal function and create sustainable wellness.    

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® is a proven system that has helped thousands of people unravel their health issues and rejuvenate their lives.  

Seek Help, Heal, and LIVE

I provide a self-help road map within a client-practitioner relationship that emphasizes education, empathy, compassion, support, collaboration, and inspiration. 

My aim is to be everything to my clients that I longed for yet never found with most of the practitioners and healing approaches that I worked with in my own journey.

Education versus Medication

I am passionate about helping my clients understand how chronic illness develops as well as learn and apply health-building principles.  I understand the frustration, anxiety/depression, suffering, confusion, shame, and isolation that come with ongoing and poorly understood health conditions.  I am also well aware of how limited our current medical paradigm is when it comes to chronic health challenges; particularly chronic, life-altering fatigue and pain syndromes.  

Supplements and lab work are integral tools however, they will not create sustainable wellness as a stand alone approach.  Because of this, I make a point to weave mindset, lifestyle, and mind-body coaching in with the clinical aspect of correcting physiological imbalances and removing interference. I guide my clients through a step-by-step process to:

Furthermore, deep healing requires us to attend to all aspects of ourselves and our lives that contributed to us falling ill in the first place.  In my coaching, I use appreciate inquiry, motivational interviewing, positive psychology, and non-violent communication techniques to create a safe space for my clients to explore aspects of their lives that they may need to shift in the name of healing their bodies and minds.