Key Takeaways From Parasite Summit 2017: Days 1-3


The Parasite Summit 2017 began on September 11th and is packed full of useful information for everyone; not just those struggling with chronic health issues.  Parasites are more common than most people think and everyone harbors them to varying degrees.


They are opportunistic critters that create metabolic chaos® when our immune defenses are down.  Some people can walk around with them for years without any life altering health issues until a triggering event of some sort causes the immune system to crash.  Others are not so lucky and can begin suffering health consequences right away.  It all boils down to the integrity of one's immune system but even the hardiest of immune systems will eventually become compromised with parasites "running amuck" within the body. 

Sadly, parasitic infections are widely overlooked, misunderstood, and under-diagnosed; especially in the United States.

Most people think they are primarily endemic to tropical areas and developing countries but this a huge misconception.  

They are everywhere and we are all at risk for contracting them via water, food, air, grocery cart handles, and more.  

I have special interest in parasites because they played a huge role in wreaking havoc in my life amidst my own long-standing and extremely challenging journey with chronic Lyme, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, and CIRS.  In 2011, I had to have 80% of my liver as well as my gallbladder removed as a result of a liver parasite.  This was after suffering from recurring giant-sized hives and anaphylactic episodes for 14 years; with conventional medicine offering little to no help beyond round after round of steroids and anti-histamines.  If you are interested in reading my full story, you can do so by clicking here

Addressing parasites and other chronic infections is now a huge part of the work I do with clients in my functional health and lifestyle coaching practice.  I am doing my best to listen to as many of the daily talks within the summit amidst a busy client schedule and continued studies.  While I have not listened to all of the talks so far, I have listened to many of them.  

To help spread the word on such an important topic, I decided to make a list of the key takeaways to share with others.  I hope you find this list helpful and informative.  

Key Takeaways from days 1-3:

1.    Parasites sometimes do NOT show up even on the BEST of stool and other testing methods.  

2.    Lyme lives inside of parasites.  Addressing parasites is ideally first order of business when it comes to properly addressing chronic Lyme.   

3.   Underlying parasites are a TOP reason why people are still sick with chronic Lyme after treating it for years.

4.    Parasites harbor heavy metals and use heavy metals to make biofilms.

5.    A heavy parasitic burden can be a BIG reason why heavy metals do not show up on tests.

6.    When it comes to parasites and other chronic infections, addressing energetic/emotional imbalances is JUST as IMPORTANT as addressing the parasites.

7.    Not addressing energetic/emotional imbalances will prevent a person from healing from chronic illness.  Note:  I have yet to work with a client in which trauma and emotional stressors have not played a pivotal role in their health struggles.  Most clients report falling ill around a mentally/emotionally stressful period and/or event in their life.

8.    Typical length of time to treat parasites is 3-6 months; some people with deeply entrenched illness will need up to 2-3 years but with breaks in between.

9.    High toxic burden (heavy metals, poor diet, emotional toxins, mycotoxins, etc.) is what allows parasites and other chronic infections to take hold in the first place.

10.     There is a strong link between parasites and multiple chemical sensitivities, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, insomnia, mental health issues, and neurological diseases.

11.    EVERYONE has parasites. If you have a pulse; you have parasites.  It is WISE to do a parasite cleanse 2x per year:  Fall and Spring.

12.    There are MANY symptoms with parasites but some telltale signs are:  teeth grinding, sleep disturbances, multiple food intolerances, histamine intolerance, eosinophils above 2%, and never feeling satiated/nourished no matter how much one eats.

13.    Daily Intermittent Fasting is a VERY effective and inexpensive strategy for helping to overcome chronic gut infections as well as heal the gut post infections.

14.    Most humans are sugar burners by nature which makes them prone to a rollercoaster of blood sugar highs and lows.  This is very stressful for the body and triggers inflammatory cascades.  Intermittent Fasting helps the body to switch to fat burning mode; which supports even keel blood sugar levels, decreases inflammation, boosts the immune system, and so much more.  Note: Intermittent Fasting has played and will continue to play an integral role in my and my husband's recovery from complex health challenges.  

15.    Chronic parasitic infections are a leading factor in histamine issues and mast cell activation syndrome; which are becoming more and more prevalent.

16.    Some common symptoms of high histamine and inability to clear histamine include:  flushing, hives, anxiety, sinus and upper respiratory congestion, heart palpitations, and shortness of breath.

17.     Lab testing has many limitations; no matter how good the lab is.  Therefore, it is important to not rely on them 100% and consider a person’s FULL history in tandem with presenting health complaints while forming a clinical impression.

18.     The TH2 arm of the adaptive immune system is what fights parasites and the TH1 arm fights intracellular infections such as Lyme.  TH1 dominance is often linked to autoimmunity.  

19.     Healing and sealing the gut is STILL the key to balancing the immune system and recovering one’s health; regardless of the diagnoses or presenting symptoms.

20.      Many people can carry Lyme and parasites within them and remain healthy until something causes the immune system to crash (some sort of trauma) …and then BAM! the person falls down the rabbit hole of chronic illness. 

21.     When overcoming chronic Lyme, parasites need to be the first layer addressed; along with liver support and opening detox, excretion, and elimination pathways.

22.     When addressing parasites and candida, it is common to have a flare-up of symptoms relating to mobilization of metals because both parasites and candida sequester heavy metals. 

23.     Mobilization of heavy metals will also trigger histamine release.  Once again, this reinforces the utmost importance of liver support, intestinal binders and making sure excretion and elimination pathways are up and running.

24.     Parasite and candida infections may be an adaptation of one’s immune system to protect organs and central nervous system from heavy metals.  Note: We all have heavy metal issues to varying degrees and no testing method is perfect for detecting them. 

25.    Ketotifen (a compounded RX medication) can often be very helpful for those with severe histamine/mast cell issues while addressing chronic infections; to help make treatment more tolerable.  There are also numerous natural compounds that are very helpful as well; it all depends on the person and what matches up the best with their bio-individuality.  

26.    Two genetic SNPs heavily involved in predisposing a person to histamine issues and mast cell syndrome are DOA and HNMT.

27.    Another key component to successful parasite eradication is to look at and adequately support methylation with carefully selected vitamins, minerals, cofactors, and lifestyle interventions.

28.    No illness or symptom happens at random.  There is always a reason!

29.    The strength of any intervention must match the level of the infection and the person’s level of vitality or lack thereof.

30.     Mimosa Pudica (a popular natural, plant based compound) is both a strong anti-parasitic and anti-fungal.  It also very helpful in removing stubborn mucoid plaque. 

31.    It is imperative to implement various detox support interventions beyond taking supplements.  Castor oil packs, coffee enemas, FIR sauna, and rebounding are all highly effective lifestyle interventions to help support the body while and after addressing chronic infections.

So, that is it for now; more highlights to come as the summit continues.  

Cheers to Restoring Your Health and Reclaiming Your Life!