There are times in life when none of the choices within our circumstances are "good" choices; especially amidst dealing with chronic health challenges. In this situation it is best to go with the BEST choice possible (even if that means not moving forward with anything) but then CHOOSE your attitude toward the situation until better choice comes along.

And remember, life is dynamic; not static. Things ALWAYS change.

To demonstrate this point I would like to call attention to Viktor Frankyl. Viktor was a Holocaust survivor who wrote a series of books about his experiences. One such book is:  Man's Search For Meaning.

During his time in the WWII concentration camps, Viktor witnessed people being brutally tortured and dying around him every day; including his own family.  He was extremely malnourished and as a result he gradually slipped into very poor physical health with barely any energy to hold himself up on most days.

Amidst all this suffering and horror, however, he made a decision that nobody would own his spirit or rule his thoughts. Although it was not easy and there were many days he wanted to give up, he chose to always search for meaning and purpose within the suffering.

He discovered that those who also chose to do this, greatly increased their chances of survival.

When it comes to dealing with chronic health challenges, there are many times when life SUCKS BIG TIME!! I know this to be true.  The loss the comes with chronic illness is often unfathomable to most.  And, considering how the human brain is wired (with 5x the neural networks for fear based thinking than joy based thinking) it is very easy to slip into despair mode.

I speak from up close and personal experience here. I spent years on end living within "The Universe Must Be Against Me" club.

But, I now understand that it was my choice to nurture such an attitude and engage with such destructive thoughts for extended periods of time.  In fact, I did it so often that it became a deeply entrenched script within my neurology.   And, each time life would throw me a curve ball, I would default to this script of which would then cause me to view each present moment through the lenses of the past; triggering a fight or flight response.

The body can't and won't heal amidst a continually activated stress response and within a state of fear, anger, and self-doubt.  

To be honest, it was not until I read Man's Search For Meaning in 2013, after I suffered a massive nervous breakdown, did I even become 100% committed to changing my attitude and reprogramming my brain for greater stress resilience.

And, because I did this, I finally awarded my mind and body the long over due chance to finally begin healing from what I like to call Chronic F'ing Shit Syndrome (Chronic Lyme, Mold Illness, Depression, Gut Dysfunction, and the list goes on.)

You may not have great choices at the moment but you still always have a choice. Make the best choice you can and own it until new choices come along.  And then, make a conscious effort each day to choose your attitude and the thoughts you engage with around that choice.

BTW..when I refer to ATTITUDE, I am not referring to forced positive thinking such as "I Feel Great and Everything is Awesome" despite the fact that I am too sick to work, I am broke because of it, I have lost most of my friends, I don't have the energy to take a shower, etc.

Trust me, I know these experiences well. It is a horrible state of being to be in and my heart goes out to anybody that is anywhere on this spectrum.  I also know that many times, it is not possible to pull one's self out the hole of despair due to the bio-chemistry of the body being so out of balance.   In this case some biochemical support is needed before one can even approach mindset work.

When I refer to ATTITUDE, I am referring more to accurate thinking, honoring and allowing yourself to feel emotions (even painful ones), and not dwelling in the hole of despair. I am referring to opening your heart and mind to allowing chronic health challenges to be your greatest teacher and an opportunity to reach a higher level of consciousness.

I am also referring to having faith in the body's infinite healing wisdom once it is provided with the correct environment (both inside and outside) to heal.

If you can't do this on your own because you have been sick for so long and your thinking has become equally dysfunctional as your physiology then find a way to get help with it. Read personal development books on this subject. Watch videos about it. Enroll in a group program. Hire a one on one mind-body coach. The list goes on!

Seeing as I struggled immensely with this aspect of healing, I now make coaching clients around mindset and reprogramming the mind for wellness a cornerstone of the work I do with them while also guiding them on creating a step-by-step road map for healing their bio-chemistry.

Bottom line, if you are truly serious about restoring your health and reclaiming your life then you must pay as much attention to reprogramming and healing your mind as you do your physical body. The two are NOT separate.

Mind controls Body. Body controls Mind.

This, my friends, is a BIG determining factor between those who find their way out of the rabbit hole of chronic illness and those that continue to spiral downward and live as victims.

Moving forward what will you choose!?

If you feel you need or want personalized coaching around this area of healing, let me know. I LOVE working with clients on mindset. I'm also a good candidate to do this work because I truly have walked this walk and I have tons of formal training in neural reprogramming. I know what it is like to sink into the depths of despair and what it takes to dig one's self out of dysfunctional thinking and into the realm in infinite possibility; which is where healing takes place.