Do you experience mental and emotional stress that significantly impacts your health yet you can't seem to get a handle on it?

Do you put pressure on yourself, fall into patterns of perfectionism or people pleasing, and have beliefs that you are not enough?

Are you aware of the stress-pain-illness connection yet are feeling stuck in addressing this aspect of healing?

Do you have a deep desire to connect with your inner wisdom but don't know where to begin?

Mind Affects Body, Body Affects Mind


Research in the field of psychoneuroimmunology, which is the study of how mental and emotional states impact the body’s physiology, has confirmed that repressed, painful emotions and habitual, stressful thought patterns activate a chronic stress response.  

This protection mechanism, commonly known as fight or flight is meant for short-term, emergency use only.  

Chronic activation of the stress response is directly and measurably linked to a weakened immune response, inflammation, musculoskeletal tension, anxiety, depression, impaired higher cognitive function, and ultimately dis-ease. 

Creating Sustainable Wellness Starts in the Mind With Our Thoughts; Not in the Gym or in the Kitchen


Mind-Body Coaching helps you to discover how thoughts and beliefs may be in conflict with personal needs and desires, thus triggering painful emotions and creating tension in the body – and in life.  

This modality of coaching teaches a wide array of skills and tools for:

  • Connecting with the energy and wisdom of the body
  • Accessing emotions and interpreting the messages within
  • Cultivating awareness of unconscious thought patterns that create emotional pain and trigger the stress response.
  • Making peace with your inner critic
  • Taking control of your mind versus having it control you
  • Tuning in to your intuition as a source of guidance

These tools will help to calm the nervous system so the body’s natural and regenerative healing abilities come back online.  This approach can help bring the mind, body, and spirit back into balance so that you can relax, experience greater joy and fall back in love with yourself – and your life!

Getting Started: ZERO COMMITMENT! 

There are NO COMMITMENTS involved in either of the initial steps.  It is up to you to move forward with one of the packages described below.  After the Discovery Session (Step 2) is when clients can decide which of the above options is best for them. 

The goal of the both of these sessions is for you to feel hopefulsupported, and inspired about the process of restoring your health; regardless of how many protocols you have tried that did not work. 

All new clients begin with this FREE, 20-minute Exploration Session.  In this session we will:

  • discuss the different stress-management coaching modalities offered and which one would be best suited to your needs.
  • talk about how I work and pricing. 
  • address any questions you may have.

This is so you can make an informed decision about me and how I work with clients to see if I would work well for you.  

Note:  Although this is a FREE consult,  a valid credit card will be required to hold your spot.  In the event of a "no show" or failure to cancel without at least 24 hr notice, the credit card will be charged a non-refundable $75.00 fee.  

Prior to this session, you will fill out a detailed questionnaire to help me better understand your history and your current challenges with mindset, stress resilience, and mental/emotional health.

In this session we will have in-depth discussion about your challenges and goals, discuss the brain science of stress resilience, connect you with supportive resources, and then we will have our first foundational session corresponding to the chosen coaching modality:

  • Neurosculpting® Mindfulness Training
  • Mind-Body Coaching
  • Wellness Coaching (Habit Change)
  • Combination of all 3  

After this session is when you will decide how you would like to move forward with continued coaching services; described below.

Coaching Packages

  • Bundle of 5 sessions:   $825.00 ($175.00 Discount)
  • Bundle of 10 sessions:  $1650.00 ($350.00 Discount)
  • Bundle of 15 sessions:  $2475.00 ($525.00 Discount)


  • Sessions take place via Zoom Video Conferencing and are 60 minutes in length.
  • There will be HW assignments in between each session to reinforce what was covered in the session and to support your progress.  
  • You will provided with email support in between each session for brief and clarifying questions only.
  • Once you schedule you will be provided with a Zoom meeting link.  Be sure to keep this link in a safe place so that you can access it at the time of your appointment.

Rejuvenate Your Mind and Body!