4-Month Plan

$675.00 Includes:

  • 4 monthly scan consults @ 60 minutes each
  • Brief messaging support in between scan consults to troubleshoot and answer questions you may have.
  • Discounted professional grade supplements if needed.
  • Choice Pointe Life Journey Course
  • Functional health mentoring woven in based on your scan results.

*Price of Infoceuticals recommended by each scan are not included in this package.

Self-Directed / Pay Per Scan Plan

This plan is intended for those that have already completed the 4-month NES Program described above or have been doing regular scan consults within a Deep Time Bundle Plan.  

$189.95 Per Scan + 5 Infoceuticals, Which Includes:

  • Scan (which you will review and interpret for yourself from your private portal) priced at:  $40.00
    • Note:  For optimal results, it is recommended to do a scan and finish 5 Infoceuticals a minimum of once per month.  Clients can also choose to do a scan every two weeks for a more accelerated approach or every other month for a more gradual and less costly approach.  
  • 5 Infoceuticals (recommended by the scan) + shipping/handling fees priced at:  $149.95

Note:  The scan + 5 Infoceuticals will be purchased each month (or however frequently you choose) via the online store.  

 The miHealth overall is used to optimize the energy flow in your body. You’re able to use it in 3 primary ways depending on your goals:

  • For Pain – Use acute and chronic setting under the Energy Folder for 2 to 5 minutes directly on the area that is in pain turning the intensity up to level of comfort (strong but not painful sensation). This feature was designed for On Body Use, however you can use Off Body too.
  • Rejuvenate Energy Flow and Release Energy Blockages – Using the top 4 to 6 Energetic Rejuvenator’s (new developments on the ancient accupuncture points) for 2 to 5 minutes that come up in the scan. Mainly this feature is designed for Off Body Use, however if there is pain or injury involved you may wish to use it On Body directly on and around the ER spot. This should be the primary focus for using with the Bio-EnergetiX Wellness System to help people get back their Energy for Life.
  • Functional Wellness Modes – There are many modes such as Energy, Allergies, Colds that may be used directly for wellness goals. These have been designed for Off Body use, of which having the miHealth near the body (less than a meter) will be enough for the Bio-Field to pick up the information from its broadcast.

It is ok to mix these 3 main ways of using the miHealth, however remember the general principle: less is generally more. As a rule of thumb, I recommend using it for pain as a priority along with doing the ER’s in a session and then using the functional wellness modes as desired (such as a client having their own miHealth and wanting to support their energy or a cold in the moment).

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