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The new Ōura ring is all about you: it measures the physiological signals of your body, understands your lifestyle, and guides you to make your own optimal daily choices. That’s why it’s loved by devoted users in over 50 countries. 

This revolutionary ring will help you to determine:

  • SLEEP STAGES: Uncover your individual sleep architecture; the structure and pattern of your sleep stages so that you can make necessary lifestyle adjustments to ensure more restful/healing sleep.
  • RESTING HEART RATE: See your nocturnal resting heart rate; an indicator of your recovery, sleep quality and overall well-being.
  • HEART RATE VARIABILITY: Track your heart rate variability; a measure indicating how your body recovers from exercise, stress and fatigue as well as how your body responds to the foods you eat, the environments you go in, and the people you interact with.  This feature alone will eliminate the need to spend money on food sensitivity and many other types of testing.
  • BODY TEMPERATURE: Learn how your nocturnal body temperature varies, and find out early signs of impending sickness or a need to rest, or detect menstrual cycle stages.

Note: This ring does connect to your phone via bluetooth technology but it is on-demand only.  Meaning, bluetooth is only enabled when you choose it to be so no need to worry about continual, unnecessary exposure to EMF's.  

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