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How Would You Feel If You Could...

  • Feel good and regain your energy so you can be more engaged in life?
  • Become pain free so that you be more active, doing the things you LOVE to do?
  • Heal Your Gut so that you can eat a wide variety of healthy foods without fear of an adverse response.
  • Rebalance your immune system so you no longer have to live your life in fear and anxiety of being hypersensitive to the world around you. 
  • Lose weight and tone your body so that you can feel younger and look sexy in your favorite clothing?
  • Fall asleep easily, sleep through the night, and wake up rested so that you have energy and zest for both work and social life?
  • Be mentally and emotionally stable, have a clear mind, and greater stress resilience so that you can handle what life brings your way with ease, poise, and flexibility.
  • Restore your sex drive so that you can cultivate more intimacy and revive your relationship with your spouse/partner or start dating again. 
  • Have more time for friends, family, and hobbies instead of spending it surfing the internet, looking for answers and solutions.
  • Rediscover your drive, motivation, and creativity so that you can be successful in your professional endeavors. 
  • Have more money because you will have more energy to work and you won't be spending it on the "next best" treatment. 

Some of the Functional Labs That I Use:

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Plus Bio-Energetic Assessments using the Total WellNES System! 

Why Work With Me? 

Experience, Work Ethic, and Passion

  • I have years of diverse, formal training and professional experience in:  Functional Medicine, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®, Counseling, Psychology,  Education, Holistic Health and Nutrition, Wellness and Lifestyle Coaching, Mind-Body Medicine, and Neurosculpting® (a method for reprogramming the brain).  
  • I am a health detective! I am all about helping my clients to address the root causes of chronic health challenges so they can reclaim their lives.
  • I hold the client-practitioner relationship in high regard. 
  • I am extremely passionate about what I do and I put forth 150% effort into helping my clients restore their health.

I Have Walked the Walk! 

  • I can relate to your pain and challenges.  I have first hand experience with long-term, and often disabling chronic illness and all the loss that comes with it.  
  • I have personal experience with digging my way out of chronic illness.  I will teach you to do the same! 

My Story

I know the pain of being chronically ill and all the life challenges that come with it.    

In November of 1997, at the start of my high school teaching career and just 3 months after getting married, I began experiencing a wide range of medically "unexplainable" symptoms.  

For over 16 years I suffered with giant sized hive breakouts often leading to full blown anaphylaxis, chronic pain, disabling fatigue, recurring infections, digestive distress from hell, and horrific anxiety/depression.  

After years of investigation, I was finally handed diagnoses such as CFS,  Fibromyalgia, Chronic Lyme, Interstitial Cystitis, Mast Cell Activation Disorder, CIRS, CRPS (a Pain Syndrome) and more!  I also ended up needing radical liver resection surgery to remove a massive cyst caused by a parasite.  

Why My Approach?

I Will Help You To:

After working with me, you will:

  • Have a deeper understanding about what it takes to restore your health.... the right way.
  • Be more empowered to take charge of your health.
  • Have more energy and less pain so you can live your life to the fullest.
  • Be more mentally and emotionally stable so that you can experience increased stress resiliencegreater joy and take life as it comes.
  • Experience better sleep quality so that you can wake up feeling calm, rested and ready for the day.
  • Have a more balanced immune system so that you become less environmentally reactive and contract less infections.
  • Have improved digestion so that you can begin enjoying a wider variety of foods.
  • Have a more optimized metabolism so that you can lose weight and feel more confident in your favorite clothing.
  • Have more motivation and vitality to pursue career goals. 

Reclaim Your Life!

I am VERY confident with the approach I took and continue to take to restore my own health.  I now implement this same approach in my work with clients.  

There are no "magic bullet answers" out there.  I know!  I searched the world high and low for them; and invested big bucks in several of them. 

Restoring one's health requires correctly identifying all health blocking factors and removing the interference so the body can do the rest.  This is what I did for myself and I will help you to do the same. 

Why Start Now?

We all only have one body and one life!  If you ask me, a life without a healthy mind and vibrant body is not really living.  It is merely surviving day to day.  

If you are ready to go from surviving to thriving then the time to start your healing journey is NOW!  

As the character Andy Dufresne said in the movie Shawshank Redemption, "One can either get busy living or get busy dying".   Which would you rather do?   

Discovery Session

The Discovery Session is the next step after the Initial 20-Minute FREE Exploration Session (described at the bottom of this page). This session is for all new clients that are interested in pursuing the Ultimate Dive 6-month Intensive Healing Program or the Deep Dive Time Bundle Plan - both of which are described below.  

There is no commitment to move on with continued coaching services after the Discovery Session.  After the Discovery Session is when clients can decide which of the functional coaching packages/options described below best meets their needs.  

Discovery Session Includes:

  • 90 to 120-minute Zoom (video) Call
  • Detailed review of an online Functional Health Questionnaire.  
  • Review and consideration of all recent/relevant lab work-ups from other practitioners.
  • Detailed Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis; optional but highly recommended!.  This analysis is a very important step in the process. It will help to determine how to best support your body now and which functional labs would be best suited for your situation moving forward.  
    • Clients can either provide a recent blood panel (within last 8-12 weeks; not older) from their physician or blood labs can be ordered as add-ons when scheduling the Discovery Session.  
      • Click here for a printable list of this blood work. If ordered through my lab supplier, the wholesale price for these blood labs is:  $299.00

This consult is a time for you to:

  • Share and discuss the details of your health/life timeline and current protocol.
  • Ask all the questions you want (write them down ahead of time!)
  • Receive detailed input (from me) on what may be blocking you from your health and wellness and goals. 

You will walk away from this consult with:

  • Action Steps that you can begin right away to begin improving your health.
  • Recommendations for moving forward in your healing journey; including recommendations for additional lab testing.   

Price:  $450.00 (to be paid in full at the time of booking)

Packages and Options for after the Discovery Session

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Who Is This Healing Program For?

My signature, Ultimate Dive Level I or LEVEL II programs are best suited for clients that:

  • have already tried many approaches with little to no success, are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and are ready and willing to take a comprehensive deep dive into identifying and addressing root causes.
  • are seeking extensive support with both the physiological and mental/emotional aspects of overcoming chronic health challenges.   
  • desire the collaboration, accountability, guidance, and partnership offered through frequent, one-on-one coaching sessions as well as shorter, check-in sessions in between.    

What's Included?


    • Coaching sessions are recommended every two weeks (or sometimes more frequently) in the beginning to best support the client in identifying and addressing both physiological and energetic/emotional stressors and making sustainable, transformative lifestyle changes.
    • Most functional health coaching sessions will be 60-90 minutes in length; sometimes longer and sometimes shorter, depending on the client's unique situation and what needs to be covered.
    • Sessions can go longer than scheduled if need be; if Jen has the time in her schedule that day. They may also run shorter than what was scheduled in some cases.
    • If you reach a point where you use all 12 or 24 sessions + 5 or 10 check-in sessions, but some sessions ran shorter and you did not reach the full 20 or 40 hours of one-to-one coaching time, then more sessions will be added to your plan.
  • REMOTE, IN-HOME WELLNESS BODY SCANNER to be used as part of the NES Bio-Energetic Total Wellness Assessment that will be used to help identify and address imbalances at the energetic level.  These types of imbalances will cause interference and disruptions in the body's energy field; which will undoubtedly hinder physiological healing modalities and keep a person stuck in a vicious stress-pain-illness cycle.   
  • ONGOING EMAIL SUPPORT for duration of the healing program so that you can feel supported and get your questions answered in between coaching sessions. 
  • WHOLESALE PRICED, STATE OF THE ART FUNCTIONAL LAB TESTING.  It is common practice for many practitioners to charge retail price for functional lab testing.   
  • CUSTOM-TAILORED AND DETAILED HEALING PROTOCOLS ADDRESSING:  energetic imbalances identified via NES Bio-energetic scans, diet/nutrition, gut health, pathogen eradication, detoxification, restoring normal immune function, balancing hormones, increasing cellular energy, sleep, exercise, lifestyle, and targeted/customized supplementation.
  • ALL "BEHIND THE SCENES" TIME outside of coaching sessions.  There is much that goes on outside of coaching sessions that clients do not see such as: planning for sessions, ordering and reviewing labs, doing research for a client case, creating custom protocols, responding to emails, and more.
  • DETAILED EDUCATION AROUND LAB AND NES BIO-ENERGETIC SCAN RESULTS.    Restoring one's health is not solely about ordering labs and then taking supplements to bring lab values back into normal ranges.  I will go above and beyond to help you understand how to interpret your results, how the lab results correlate with your health challenges, and a step by step, lifestyle plan for addressing your health concerns.
  • 35% DISCOUNT ON NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS WITHIN FULLSCRIPT AND NP-SCRIPT Targeted supplementation can get to be crazy expensive and so I always extend my 35% practitioner discount to clients whenever possible.   
  • MINDSET EDUCATION and extensive support with the mental/emotional/stress management aspect of healing.  How one thinks and navigates the various emotional ups and downs along the healing journey is crucial to success.  
  • EDUCATIONAL MATERIAL THAT IS RELEVANT TO YOU AND YOUR CASE.   A big part of getting well is learning all you can so that you can become empowered to take charge of your own health.

Lab fees and any recommended supplements are not included with this option and the price will vary based on individual needs.   Functional Lab fees can range from $500.00 - $1500.00 and sometimes more; depending on a client's needs.   All services must be used within 9 months maximum for the Level I program and 15 months maximum for the Level II program.  

Pricing and Payment Options:  

  •  LEVEL I PLAN:  Full Payment of $4500.00 (Save $500)   OR $833.00 X 6 monthly payments

  •  LEVEL II PLAN:  Full Payment of $7750.00 (Save $1000)   OR $729.00 X 12 payments

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Who Is This Option For?

While clients who choose to commit to the Ultimate Dive Healing Program that includes regular/frequent coaching sessions, accountability, and extensive support/guidance over a specific time period often do get the best results, coaching packages are not suited for everyone.  For this reason, I offer the Deep Dive Time Bundle option in increments of 15 or 20 hours (best value!)  

This plan is best suited for clients that a desire a deep investigation into their health challenges yet do not need the extensive support offered in the Ultimate Dive Intensive Program.  This option is also intended for clients that are primarily seeking support around the physiological and lifestyle aspects of restoring one's health and do not need and/or are not interested in extensive support with the mindset/mental/emotional aspects of the healing journey. 

What's Included?

    • Functional health coaching sessions;  frequency and length of sessions to be self-selected by client.  Coaching sessions can be scheduled when needed and in increments of 30, 60, or 90 minutes. 
    • Behind the scenes time for:  prepping for consults, ordering labs, reviewing labs, doing research on client case if need be, designing custom protocols, email support, reviewing case files, administrative work, and anything else related to a client case.  

How It Works:

  • All time spent on client case is kept track of in a time log
  • When all funds/hours have been exhausted, client can renew in increments of 5, 10, 15, or 20 hours for continued functional health coaching services.  
  • All time purchased must be used within 12 months of purchase date. 

Lab fees and any recommended supplements are not included with this option and the price will vary based on individual needs.   Functional Lab fees can range from $500.00 - $1500.00 and sometimes more; depending on a client's needs.  

Pricing and Payment Options:

  • 20 Hours (BEST VALUE):  $3300.00 or 6 monthly payments of $583.00
  • 15 Hours:  $2625.00 or 4 monthly payments of $694.00

NES Bio-Energetics & Wellness/Mind-Body Coaching

These options are intended for clients that are only looking for NES Bio-Energetics or Lifestyle/Wellness/Mind-Body and/or Neurosculpting® Coaching options as stand-alone services.  These options do NOT require a Discovery Session and are NOT for clients seeking comprehensive, Functional Health coaching services.  

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NES Bio-Energetic Plan (as a stand-alone service)

6-month or 12-month plan includes:

  • Remote, In-Home Scanner (value of $235.00)
  • Initial scan review consult @ 2 Hours
  • 5 or 11 follow-up monthly scan consults @ 45-60 minutes each (5 for 6-month plan, and 11 for 12-month plan)
  • Brief email support in between scan consults to troubleshoot and answer questions you may have

12-month plan (Best Value):  Introductory Price of $2500.00

6-month plan:  Introductory Price of $1350.00

Lifestyle/Wellness/Mind-Body/Neurosculpting® Coaching (as stand-alone services)

20 Sessions (Best Value):  $3300.00

15 Sessions: $2625.00

10 Sessions:  $1850.00

Getting Started: 20-minute FREE Exploration Session

All new clients begin with a FREE, 20-minute Exploration Session.  This is so we can get to know each other, talk about how I work and answer any questions you may have.  This is so you can make an informed decision about me and how I work with clients to see if I would work well for you.  

The goal of this session is for you to feel hopeful, supported, and inspired about the process of restoring your health; regardless of how many protocols you have tried that did not work.  

Note:  Although this is a FREE consult,  a valid credit card will be required to hold your spot.  In the event of a "no show" or failure to cancel without at least 24 hr notice, the credit card will be charged a non-refundable $75.00 fee.  

Note:  I am currently only accepting new clients for NES Bio-Energetics and Lifestyle/Wellness/Mind-Body and/or Neurosculpting® Coaching at this time.  I will begin accepting new Functional Health clients again beginning in January 2018.  Prospective clients can still book an initial FREE Exploration Session to discuss these options on the button below.  

Start Your Healing Journey Now!